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The Why and How of Motorcycling

Motorcycling comes with it many stereotypes. Hoodlums and white trash riding their noisy bikes dangerously through the city and highways, polluting and disrupting the community. I get it. But you should know there is a whole culture of riders who … Continue reading

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Think 30 mpg sounds good? Try 80!

That’s right, 80 miles per gallon. Not possible, you say? We must have an electric car, you say? Nope and nope. Will and I discovered that we had achieved 79.8 mpg (as calculated on the adjacent receipt) while riding a … Continue reading

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Elimination Diet, Day 26

Will and I took a trip to Duluth today to get him new motorcycle gear from Aerostich. As a short PSA, if you ride a motorcycle, please always and every time wear your helmet, motorcycle jacket, long pants (preferably armored), … Continue reading

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Adorable conversations I have with my fiance

Will and I have always had a strong, healthy relationship and great communication. Those are the things that help me know we’ll be together forever. But it’s the immense adorableness of the two of us have, even after 4 years, … Continue reading

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