Day by Day

Want the nitty gritty details of my elimination diet? You can work your way straight through, or just focus on a particular phase or food. I hope you find something interesting and helpful!

A note on the phases and diet length: Detox and Phase One are suppose to be allergen-free, and each phase following then adds in foods with increasing likelihood of reaction. Following the diet to the letter, with only 3 days before adding, Phase Two would be completed on Day 15 (adding tamari), Phase Three on Day 33 (adding meat), Challenge Part One on Day 54 (adding chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and sesame seeds), and Challenge Part Two on Day 78 (adding millet). I hope you find the guideline of phase lengths helpful. However, every body and diet is different, so you may go through faster by not adding certain foods back, like me, or you may need to take longer due to reactions, like I did towards the end of Challenge Part One.

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