Pizza Crust Review

This past summer, I made a lot of pizza. As I worked through my elimination diet, I tried all sorts of different recipes. Below I will discuss my four favorites, their pros and cons, and which ones I will make again.

Pizza Crust Review

White Flour Crust

This was Will’s original famous pizza crust. It was amazing and the recipe was solely focused on a good crust, not on health benefits or anything. If you read the ingredients, it is actually pretty good. The only sticking point is the flour used.

The other consideration with this crust is that it does need to sit in the fridge overnight. On more than one occasion we have changed pizza crust recipes or dinner plans out of laziness.

However, after my elimination diet and trying other pizza crusts, I no longer found this crust to be OMG the best crust ever! In stead, I found it to be meh, not much flavor. One problem with that could be that I wasn’t using as much sauce, as my nomato sauce performs better in small quantities (as opposed to drowning the crust like I used to). Either way, I now prefer my crust to have some taste to it.

100% Whole Wheat Crust

As I just reviewed this crust last week (see above link), I won’t go into too much detail. Let’s just say, if you can eat wheat, this is the way to go. Full of flavor and a texture that I personally very much so enjoyed.

Another pro of this crust is that it can be made the day of, with only about an hour’s notice. But even with plenty of notice, I would still go for this crust. Of course, the downside is that it is a wheat crust. I know many of you out there have problems with gluten, and I myself will be going off it again next summer. Which is why I have also tried the following crusts:

Buckwheat Crust

Unfortunately, this is not available online. This crust is from Nourishing Meals, which those of you who followed my elimination diet remember that I love. This recipe is very easy to make up. Being yeast and dairy free, the time it takes to prepare is the time it takes for you to mix all of the ingredients together. That makes this the fastest and easily dough to prepare, with the least dishes dirtied.

However, I did find this dough to be very sticky. This was easily remedied by pressing it out between two sheets of parchment paper. I highly recommend this step, even though the recipe says to just use your hands.

The buckwheat also gives it a strong flavor, that I prefer with breakfast breads over pizza. Using freshly ground buckwheat would mitigate some of that, but then this crust would get bumped down on the convenience scale. So it’s a personal preference. There are other crusts my family and I prefer, but if you are gluten free, this is a great, easy option.

Cauliflower Crust

Everyone loves cauliflower crusts. And it was pretty awesome. Everyone loved it. It certainly wasn’t a normal pizza crust. It was kinda floppy and a bit moist. It’s what you would expect from cauliflower and cheese. However, it tasted delicious. Will has said multiple times he would love for me to make it again.

The problem with that, though, is that it is a lot of work. Instead of just being able to mix ingredients, you have to cook, process, and wring out the cauliflower before the mixing can begin. While wheat crusts can take a lot of time, most of that time is hands off. This is a very hand-on crust.

But it is grain-free. And she even has a dairy-free version as well. That is a benefit that cannot be overlooked for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions. For example, I believe this crust is primal, and the dairy free one is paleo (not AIP friendly, though, sadly).

The Verdict

After all of that, really, you need to weigh your own pros and cons when deciding what pizza crust to make. However, I know for myself, I will be making the 100% whole wheat crust in the future. When I do a second elimination diet, I will definitely be making the cauliflower crust and I would highly recommend it to anyone whose dietary restrictions (or lack thereof) it fits.

I think I’ll save my buckwheat flour for breakfasts.

What is your favorite pizza crust recipe?

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2 Responses to Pizza Crust Review

  1. cauliflower crusts sounds interesting, will have to try this out!

    • Healthy People Healthy Planet says:

      It’s so good! Everyone in my family was super skeptical, but they all thought it was amazing!

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