Transition to Chemical-Free: A Picture

Transition to Chemical FreeAbove is a picture of all of my natural hygiene supplies. Not much, huh? I pulled it all out to take a picture, and I was sure I was missing something. But it is all there. Let’s take a look:

We have diluted apple cider vinegar conditioner in an old body wash bottle, homemade laundry detergent in a mason jar, black soap face wash in an old hair product bottle, homemade deodorant in an old deodorant container, shea butter and homemade lotion, both in old lotion containers, homemade tooth powder in a container I found at the dollar store, and store-bought olive oil soap with only 3 ingredients, no chemicals, and no perfumes.

It’s a motley little crew of easy, cheap, and effective products. Shampoo is missing from the ranks, as I have stopped using it. I am now exclusively water washing, which I will discuss in a future post. My sunscreen is still commercial. I do use aloe on my skin, and it is extremely effective at soothing my eczema, but I’m currently waiting for our sick aloe plant to perk up. I do not use makeup regularly enough for it to earn a spot in the picture. Also my floss is missing from the picture.

But yeah, that’s it. That is my extremely low maintenance supply of hygiene (and one cleaning) products. It does not take me long to get ready in the morning! Maybe if I really wanted to take care of my face I would have more, but I’m happy with this little assortment.

What types of homemade products do you use? Anything you think I’m missing (I’m still surprised by how small that ended up being)?


About How We Flourish

Welcome! I'm Chloe. I have a passion for creating a healthy life and a healthy environment. Join me as I explore homemade and reusable products, essential oils, and real food. Look around a bit. I look forward to getting to know you.
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2 Responses to Transition to Chemical-Free: A Picture

  1. That’s awesome. I’m working my way there!! I’ve been using natural/healthy brands for a while but recently made my own deodorant! I’m planning to try toothpaste next. I also make my own laundry and dish washer detergent. I’m not sure I can give up my Organic Fiji coconut oil lotion! I love it…use it on my hands, body, face and even my hair!

    • Healthy People Healthy Planet says:

      Sounds great! And, I know, there is always that one product you can’t give up. I definitely recommend making your own toothpaste. My teeth and mouth feel much cleaner using the tooth powder I recommend than they ever did on commercial stuff.

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