Dorm Eating: Take advantage of kitchen time

As I mentioned last week, I am beginning a series on eating well while at college. While this is important for the health and success of every student, this can be a particularly difficult thing to do for students with food allergies or sensitivities. The focus of these posts is food that can be kept, prepared, and eaten in a dorm room with minimal effort and equipment. This week, however, I’m breaking that rule.

Photo Credit: reebob via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: reebob via Compfight cc

When you have limited or no access to a kitchen, it is important to make the most of any time that you do have access. For me, this is primarily when I am at home. The dorm kitchen is a little too sketchy for me to want to try any legit cooking…

So when I go home, I make sure to stock up on some of my favorite homemade snacks before returning to school. This year, I made up a batch of crock-pot granola (SO delicious, but I recommend not cooking the dried fruit with everything else), chocolate (not a fan of the recipe I used, I’ll share when I find a better one), and jello (for the healing properties).

Other suggestions are crackers, vegetable chips, bars made of dried fruit and nuts, and other snacks. If you are feeling adventurous, have enough refrigerator space, or have a microwave, you may also consider making up smoothies, pancakes, or other items to freeze and then eat for breakfasts.

It is up to you what you want to use your kitchen time for. Just make sure to use it well. Make big enough batches to get you to the next time you have access, but make sure that you are only making what you have room to store properly. If you make more than you can eat and it goes bad, that waste isn’t doing anyone any favors.

What is your favorite thing to make ahead in large batches? If you are living in dorms, what kinds of foods do you like to make when you get kitchen time?


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2 Responses to Dorm Eating: Take advantage of kitchen time

  1. When I was in college my husband (then fiance) and I would go back to our parent’s houses every other weekend since they only lived 2 hours from the school we attended. We took full advantage of their kitchens when we came back! All we had in our dorms was a microwave. Yuck. While everyone else was eating ramen, I had healthy snacks from Whole Foods!

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