Sunday Reflections

Yet another series that I will be doing during my 60-day blogging challenge (and past that, if it goes well) is a series of reflections. I felt that Sunday would be an appropriate day to post these. While many may be religious, either reflections on my own faith journey or on something I learned at Bible study or church, they will not all be.

I am not posting a reflection today because I wanted to give you all a heads up. I know that religion is an incredibly controversial topic. I’m sure than among my readers, there are many different belief systems. Some of you will find what I say interesting, some of you may be uncomfortable. I ask that you give it a chance. If you don’t think you can, feel free to skip my blog on Sundays. Please stick around for the other days of the week, though. 🙂

If you are curious as to my denomination, I am going to hold off talking about that for now. I do not claim to be either the best practitioner nor extremely knowledgeable regarding my chosen religion. My faith is currently very immature, and my posts may reflect that. This is why I am currently taking classes about it. I also don’t want anyone to form a premature opinion based on my chosen faith system.

Like I said, not all of my reflections will be religious in nature. Those that are will not always be related to a certain belief system. Hopefully over the next few months I will post something that intrigues or strikes a chord with each of you.

Wherever these reflections go, I promise to always be respectful, and I ask that you are as well. I encourage discussion and I would love to hear your opinions on what I have written. However, rude or hateful comments will not be approved. But you are all nice, considerate people, right? I shouldn’t have to worry about that.

So, sorry for the downer of an intro. I promise next week will be much lighter.


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Welcome! I'm Chloe. I have a passion for creating a healthy life and a healthy environment. Join me as I explore homemade and reusable products, essential oils, and real food. Look around a bit. I look forward to getting to know you.
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