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Cosmetic Preservative Causing Skin Allergies

My mom emailed me this article the other day. Scary stuff! Luckily, I know that this preservative, methylisothiasolinone, is not causing my eczema since the only commercial skin care product I use is lotion, which thankfully does not have it. … Continue reading

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Sundays as a Day of Rest

Society is so busy nowadays. Always bustling here and there. Always connected to the world. Always with a long to-do list. We have forgotten the tradition of a Sunday (or insert holy day here) where we wake up, go to … Continue reading

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Chemicals Banned in Other Countries – but are in your food!

If you subscribe to the Village Green Network, you may have already seen this featured post. The article details 13 chemical additives found in foods sold in the US, some of which are incredibly common, why they are bad for … Continue reading

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One Year Later…

I was planning a one year recap of everything I have done since I started blogging last summer, on the anniversary of starting this blog. On August 3rd I went to go see when my first post was. August 2nd. … Continue reading

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Meal Plans

As you may have noticed, I put a page up under the “Health and Food” tab in the “Elimination Diet” category called Meal Plans. Early in this diet, I was diligent about preparation, soaking grains, and trying new recipes, and … Continue reading

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