Sundays as a Day of Rest

Society is so busy nowadays. Always bustling here and there. Always connected to the world. Always with a long to-do list. We have forgotten the tradition of a Sunday (or insert holy day here) where we wake up, go to church, have a big meal with family, and relax. Instead, we cook and clean and do homework and try to catch up on everything that we need to get done before the next week starts.

I am guilty of this, but this summer I have found myself naturally moving towards taking Sunday as a day of rest. All week long I work a full time job, and I frequently cook dinner when I get home. Will works every other Saturday, so when he is off we are busy going places that are only open Saturday. When he does work, I am cleanings, doing my pharmacy school application, and cooking large batches of food.

Sunday, though. On Sundays, we get to be together, so there is no school-related work done. On Sundays, I have food prepared from Saturday, so we eat leftovers, eat with a set of parents, or make a homemade frozen pizza. Sundays, if we choose, we can go to a Latin Mass (after over a year of wanting to), out for brunch, then to the local zoo and park to walk, talk, and look into plants for me to take back to school (like we did last weekend; this weekend our only plans are dinner with my dad). It is a calm day. We take our time and unwind before the week starts over.

Sometimes I would do this during the school year. It wasn’t uncommon for me to stay in on a Friday night doing homework so that I can go to church and eat lunch with friends on Sunday without stressing about what needs to get done. But I didn’t do it enough.

While this day of rest has not been a conscious choice, now that I am aware of it, I think I will try to stick to it. Everyone should take a day of rest each week, whatever rest means to you. A day to slow down and reflect on life. To not have commitments to keep and jobs to get done. A day for you and whomever you choose to share it with.

Do you have a day of rest each week? What do you (or would you like to) do?

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