No Nightshades

Are nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant) hard to avoid? Yes and no. Mostly yes. If you make all your food at home, you can safely know that there are no pepper flakes or curry powder in your meals. Anyone else makes your meals? Not so much. I really wanted some of my favorite sausages, but I had to first contact the company to ask what “spices” means. I can’t trust anything seasoned with “spices”. I have to special order meals and restaurants. Obnoxious.

And you can always pick recipes that don’t have nightshades, or replace some things (like sweet potatoes in place of potatoes). But when they have been a staple of your diet and not a commonly recognized food sensitivity (I didn’t know it existed until I discovered I had one), it can be discouraging to always come across clean, vegan, grain-free recipes you STILL can’t eat.

There is always my trusty meal plan from my elimination diet, filled with nightshade-free recipes I have come across. Of course, all Phase One and Two meals are okay. But one thing that made me feel better was finding the following resources of exclusively nightshade-free recipes. As it turns out, there’s a whole niche of these cookbooks and blogs for people with arthritis. And two of the resources I shared are gluten and dairy free as well, so you are hopefully covered.

Living with Wellness – Gluten, Casien, and Nightshade Free Cooking
Caroline’s No Nightshade Kitchen

Emily Levenson
Gluten Free/Dairy Free
Vegan and Nightshade-Free
The Nourishing Cook

“Nomato” Sauces (my outlook on life improved so much after finding this concept – Nomato Sauce is a great replacement for tomatoes and sauces in recipes; I haven’t tried all of these, so make them, get ideas, and alter to your tastes and recipes)
Nomato (product) – They also sell ketchup and barbeque sauce – I’ll have to try to make my own versions based on their ingredients and sauce recipes.
My Nomato Sauce (recipe)
Basic Nomato Sauce (recipe)
Nomato Marinara Sauce (recipe)


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