Elimination Diet, Day 59

Busy day. Made this week’s meal plan, went to the farmer’s market and the grocery store, bought 15 books for $9.50 at a library book sale, made lunch and had a deep conversation, walked around a local festival, went back to the grocery store, made two loaves of bread, dinner, and a frozen pizza, cleaned the kitchen, and then relaxed.

Good day.

I got a lot done today and I’m very proud of all I accomplished. I tried 4 new recipes, all of which have rather lengthy reviews below. Every time I eat it I fall more in love with my Nomato Sauce and the fact that it is magenta (it just makes me giggle).

My skin is looking very good, although my arms may be a bit red and talking in the elbows. Easily could be sun. I forgot to put sunscreen on today. Oops. Relevant note: When I was younger, I would get hives all over my arms and legs the first time I went out in the sun each season. I grew out of it, but I still burn badly. Add that to the fact that I have barely seen the sun this summer due to work and weather, and you understand why a few times the past two months I have blamed the sun for irritation.

Breakfast: Carrot Almond Muffins, bread with Blueberry Jam, Pear

Lunch: Grain-Free Chicken Nuggets (Nourishing Meals Cookbook, page 331) with spinach – Very good and I froze all the extras. But it seemed like a lot of work. Plus I have no confidence with cooking meat other than ground. I would make them again, but only if I’m feeling ambitious. If you are feeling up to chicken nuggets, this is a fabulous recipe to go with. The breading was fantastic.

Dinner: Pizza of Nomato Sauce, cheese, basil, garlic, and green onions on Buckwheat Pizza Crust (Nourishing Meals Cookbook, page 136); green beans and a glass of milk – This was a good crust, but I probably won’t make it again. The flavor just wasn’t right for pizza. I also majorly struggled with the first one I made. It stuck EVERYWHERE and it ended up really thick. It was frustrating and I was sure I would never make that crust again. However, the second crust, which was used to make a frozen pizza, went better. We used two pieces of parchment paper, one of which was oiled, to flatten the dough between into a nice, thin, even pizza crust. The oiled sheet came right off, then we cooked the crust on the parchment paper, on a pizza stone. It turned out much better. I would 100% recommend that method over spreading with your hands like the recipe recommends. But, like I said, I wasn’t crazy about the flavor. Will still eat the frozen pizza we made though. After all, it’s pizza.

Snacks: No-Knead Sourdough Bread and Buckwheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread (Nourishing Meals Cookbook, page 129), banana. See below for reviews.

Sourdough Bread: This recipe was hard for me because my sourdough starter was thicker than the one used in the recipe. I ended up adding an extra 1/2 cup of water, and I was still unsure of the consistency. I also let it rise for too long for the 3rd rising. It was not as airy as it should have been and the crust is rock hard. It is also more sour than I like, but my mom and Will both really like it. “This is real sourdough bread!” they say. I will try this one again, but for now I prefer the first loaf I made.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread: So, like I said, I did not like the flavor of the buckwheat for the pizza crust. However, I knew that it would be perfect in the cinnamon raisin bread I had in the oven, and I was right. I was worried because I used whole chia seeds instead of ground and I worried that I let the wet mixture sit too long, but it turned out perfect. Using whole seeds didn’t matter – they are not present in the bread. This bread was very tasty and moist. It was good plain, but even better with butter, honey, and/or jam.


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