Elimination Diet, Day 52 (Corn)

I’m being naughty with the corn. It isn’t organic. I know, that is so bad. Not as bad as the fact that I accidentally bought degerminated cornmeal. Ugh. BUT I did manage to find taco shells that are made from whole corn, oil, salt, and a preservative. In the most unlikely of places, too: Old El Paso hard shell tacos. And the soft shell “authentic” Mexican corn tortillas at the store were packed with junk. Your best bet to probably to find some organic masa harina and make your own corn tortillas (there is a good recipe on page 387 of the Nourishing Meals Cookbook), but I don’t have a tortilla press or the energy. I’m lame. I know. But hey, if I have any issues with corn, the degerminated, non-organic, likely GMO corn should produce a reaction!

I’m also going to brag a bit about the concert I went to tonight. It was the Basilica Block Party, and I saw Cloud Cult and Goo Goo Dolls. Goo Goo Dolls was my favorite band in junior high and high school, Cloud Cult has been one of my favorites the past three years. I saw Cloud Cult in concert a few years ago, but I had never seen Goo Goo Dolls before. It was so much awesome.

My skin has been looking good all day. I am quite pleased with it. It is healing very nicely.

Breakfast: Yogurt, peanut butter, and blueberries

Lunch: Taco Salad: crushed corn tortilla, cheese, kale, cilantro and grass-fed ground beef cooked up with a small onion, 4 cloves garlic, and 1/2 tbsp cumin (no nightshades = no chili powder = sad day for Mexican cooking). It turned out very good, although could have used more cumin. Will had one with corn bread, which was also quite good.

Dinner: Baked Sweet Potato with cheese and mixed veggies

Snacks: Buttered Popcorn; Clean Eating Cornbread – This recipe was SO easy to make up. It took minutes and only dirtied one bowl, 4 measuring devices, a fork, and the baking dish. Always a good thing in my book. And that’s with the issue of only having 3/4 cup of buttermilk. The extra cup could have been replaced with 1 cup of milk and 1 tbsp of vinegar (mixed and left to sit a few minutes), but since we only have skim milk, I decided to try something different: 1/4 cup milk and 3/4 cup plain yogurt. It wasn’t as moist and smooth as my favorite cornbread; it was kinda grainy. But I still thought it was very good and would definitely eat it again.

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