Elimination Diet, Day 44

Something I didn’t mention when I entered Part 2 of my Challenge Phase for this diet, is that I have now moved into the part of challenging foods that are the most common sensitivities. While using the standard 3 days per food is fine, it is also suggested that with these foods, you may want to extend the trial length longer, up to two weeks for each food. To be honest, I don’t have the patience for that and things seem to be going well so far. Some people also make the choice to not go through this phase, especially the dairy and gluten, if they are feeling well enough. However, due to the sensitivities I have already found, I plan to add back in as many foods as possible (just in moderation, of course).

A little itchy today, but overall my skin is looking very good.

Breakfast: Cherries, sausages, and Flourless Apple Pancakes – We followed the instructions for how to flip these very closely and they turned out great. You just need to be very patient. They tasted a lot like French toast. I do not like French toast, so I thought they were just okay. Will really liked them, though.
Lunch: Pesto with spaghetti squash
Dinner: A bit of turkey breast and…..Pizza! I have been waiting so long for this day. I made a grain-free cauliflower crust, used my nomato sauce, and topped it with cheese. And it was a hit! Everyone loved it! I am so happy that it turned out well. Will still has his famous wheat crust, and there is a buckwheat crust I want to try, but this will still be a crust I make in the future. And the fact that the nomato sauce worked beautifully made it even better.
Snacks: Carrot Almond Muffin


I made up batter for banana pancakes that I’m having tomorrow. I also made a frozen pizza. I plan on writing up a future post about this once I try it a few more times and make sure everything works out. But basically I just made up a second pizza, wrapped it, and put it in the freezer for the future. I hope it is as good then as it was last night!

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