Elimination Diet, Day 31-32 (Citrus and Engaged Encounter)

Just got back from our Engaged Encounter weekend. It is a Catholic based marriage preparation retreat, but I would recommend it for anyone. Will and I have been together for four years and have always been very open with communication. I didn’t know how much we would get out of it, but I was still looking forward to it. But it was the most amazing and powerful thing. You really get out what you put in. It sparked so many conversations about topics that we had talked about, but not in detail, or somethings we hadn’t thought to talk about before that turned out to be very important topics to us. The most interesting conversations were about family values that we shared, but that manifest in us in very different ways. It was such a powerful weekend that Will, who is introverted, shies away from the spotlight, and doesn’t open up easily, wants us to become one of the couples that leads the retreats.

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, another religion, or non-religious, every couple has a world of things to gain from this weekend. Even the faith-based sections, even if you don’t agree with their teachings, can spark an important discussion between a couple.

Of course, a retreat led to the challenge of what I can do for food. Sloppy Joes, lasagna, mashed potatoes, donuts, oatmeal, chocolate cake. So many delicious looking foods, and I had to go try to explain to the kitchen what I could and could not eat. I definitely did not starve; they took care of me well. But there wasn’t a lot of choice, variety, or flavor. I was happy when I could make my own dinner. I also was allowed to add in citrus fruits as of yesterday, but I didn’t do much. Only just over half an orange and some tea that had citrus in it.

Nettle and Rose Hips Tea

I’ve been having some stomach pains, but my skin has been looking fantastic. The slathering of shea butter the other day was just what I needed. Possibly the immense quantity of almonds I’ve been eating has been helping, too. But that has also been causing the stomach issues (as immense quantities of anything would), so it is time to cut back on that. I’m just so happy with how my elbows look!

Food – Day 31
Breakfast: Peach, blueberry, and kale smoothie and a banana
Lunch: Turkey and vegetables
Dinner: Salad, turkey, roast beef, white rice
Snacks: Almonds, apple, and Apple Pie Larabars

Food – Day 32
Breakfast: Bacon, banana, half an orange
Lunch: Salad, turkey, white rice
Dinner: Grass-fed beef burger, Gingered Carrot Soup with probiotic brine and spinach, blueberries
Snacks: Almonds, apple, Apple Pie Larabar

I made an Apple Pie to eat for breakfast over the next few days.

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