Elimination Diet, Day 29

Nettle and Rose Hips Tea

My elbows were itchy this morning, and my legs a bit when I forgot to put lotion on after my shower. The elbows are still irritated, but doing better. They improved a lot after slathering some shea butter on them.

Breakfast: Energizing Nut Berry Smoothie
Lunch: Lentil and Kale Dal, apple
Dinner: Black Bean and Yam Stew, broccoli, steak
Snacks: Carrots, strawberries, crackers, almonds

Made up a green smoothie for my breakfast the next two days.

About How We Flourish

Welcome! I'm Chloe. I have a passion for creating a healthy life and a healthy environment. Join me as I explore homemade and reusable products, essential oils, and real food. Look around a bit. I look forward to getting to know you.
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