Elimination Diet, Day 23

Detox and Exercise
Oil Pulled
Nettle and Rose Hips Tea
Summer Goals

Arms were a bit itchy this morning, but the irritation from last night is mostly gone. Just my elbows as usual.

Breakfast: Quinoa with Blueberry Syrup
Lunch: Zucchanoes (Moosewood Cookbook, p. 154) and fermented vegetables – This was my attempt at eating mushrooms like a normal person. I minced them finely and they were mixed with a lot of good things, so it tasted quite good!
Dinner: Coconut-Lime Cauliflower Rice (Nourishing Meals, p. 236) with Swiss chard, grapes and steak – This dish is flavorful, yet boring on its own. It is best served over something, like meat.
Snacks: Apple and ice cream

Packed the rest of the chicken broth up for freezing. And while this doesn’t pertain to cooking exactly, something important I did today was take inventory of what I had in the refrigerator and in the freezer, then planned out my meals for the next few weeks. I am coming to the end of all of my picked out recipes and the next few food challenges are fruits, so it is not necessary to find dishes to test those. Add in the fact that I got a job that starts some time next week (woohoo!), and this is the perfect time to start using up all that food I stocked up. I planned my meals for variety – not too many of one ingredient in a day – and keeping in mind what is happening that day (what kind of nourishment I will need, where I will be eating).

About How We Flourish

Welcome! I'm Chloe. I have a passion for creating a healthy life and a healthy environment. Join me as I explore homemade and reusable products, essential oils, and real food. Look around a bit. I look forward to getting to know you.
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