Elimination Diet, Day 19 (Beans)

Today I can start adding in beans and soy. This is a lot harder than it sounds, since most of the bean recipes I come across have nightshades. Some can be altered: substitute curry powder with other Indian spices, sub potatoes with sweet potatoes, etc. However, a lot of them are tomato sauce based. I don’t even like beans that much, but they are so good for you, I’m happy to expand my repertoire and find recipes that I do like. Both of the recipes today succeeded, mostly because the beans were mashed/mushy, seasoned, and blended with other foods. I won’t be adding in soy, since it isn’t really a part of my diet and I don’t feel the need.

I also got a new cookbook that I’m cooking from today! It is the second cookbook from Whole Life Nutrition, Nourishing Meals. Many recipes from the blog show up in this book as well as many, many more. They all look and sound amazing! It also has an extensive baking section for gluten free baking without xanthan gum. I am eager to try them out. (Seriously, I was bouncing up and down when it showed up and I wanted to make EVERYTHING, so you’ll see a lot of recipes from it over the next week)

Detox and Exercise
Oil Pulled
Nettle and Rose Hips Tea
Summer Goals

A little irritation visible on the insides of my elbows, but feeling really good overall. You can still see where the skin has been damaged, especially on my legs, but that will heal in time.

My stomach has been all over the place lately. I think it is related to my uterus, but I won’t know for sure for a while (but hopefully soon).

Breakfast: Leftover apples from the Apple Pie
Lunch: Curried Lima Bean Soup (Nourishing Meals, page 191) – I made this with cooked, sprouted great northern beans, so I just added those then added the vegetables (carrots and peas) and water until it was slightly soupier than I wanted before letting it simmer for 20 minutes. Fermented vegetables and a little brine mixed in.
Dinner: Garbanzo Bean Burgers (Nourishing Meals, page 311) with kale leaves
Snacks: Crackers

Lots of cooking today! I made up a pound each of great northern beans and garbanzo beans, then used them in dishes or saved them. I also prepared a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch tomorrow. Finally, I left a bag of lentils to soak overnight.

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