Elimination Diet, Day 16 (Tree Nuts)

Today I get to add in nuts. This is a happy day since I get to eat crunchy things and dessert things. I have a list of cookies and crackers to make. Now hopefully I don’t react to that! In addition to snacks, I have also learned that cashews can be used to replace cream. In the Creamy Cauliflower Soup I made for today, the recipe had me take a half cup of liquid from the soup and blend it with a half cup of cashews. The result smelled and tasted pretty good. I was surprised. Much more like a cream than a nut.

Today I also happened to find Larabars. I had heard of them and seen recipes for homemade versions, but I had never seen them in a store until today. The ingredients are amazing, and many of the flavors are okay to eat once tree nuts have been reintroduced. I bought a few types. They are very filling! I only needed half a bar to hold me over until dinner. I was going to make Cinnamon Sunflower Truffles with almonds today, but the ingredients in the Larabars are similar enough. I don’t need two date and nut based snacks in the house. As I said recently, I have a big problem with self control and mindless eating. now that I can eat nuts this is something I have to be very careful of.

I also decided to slowly continue adding meat back in. I really need it (although I think the nuts helped). I’ll do it slowly and carefully (regarding the source), but I definitely think it was time for this.

Nettle and Rose Hips Tea
2 capsules Redmond Clay

My stomach got kinda crampy right before bed last night, then a bit again while eating breakfast (even though I was hungry). It cleared up right away, though. Not sure what that is. It felt fine for the rest of the day, although I ate way too much in the evening. I was also really tired most of the day.

My skin is doing well today. Not perfect, but slowly getting better.

Breakfast: Quinoa and Pea Pilaf with an apple – Not breakfast food, but it was all I had prepared. It is delicious and the flavor is relatively simple, so it worked.
Lunch: Creamy Cauliflower Soup (Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, p. 162) – This was very bland. Good, but very bland. I’ll have to find a way to add interest to it when I eat the leftovers.
Dinner: Chicken breast and pesto with fermented vegetables on the side – Meat!
Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar, mixed nuts

Today I made crackers. I replaced the seeds with almonds and whole flaxseed. I want to make almond milk tomorrow, so I also started soaking almonds.

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