Guest Post: Eco-Innovation Europe and More Environmentally Sustainable Designs

We are taking a break from your regularly scheduled program of listening to me talk about food restrictions to hear from a guest blogger, Sam Marquit from Fair Marquit Value. Sam is an independent green contractor and has written a piece about eco-friendly traveling. While it may seem like travel is inherently bad for the environment, there are always steps you can take to lessen your impact. Enjoy!

When people think about sustainability, their first thought normally goes to recycling. In recent years, environmental sustainability has grown to encompass more than sorting out cardboard. As a contractor, I have been lucky enough to work with many organizations that use energy efficient systems and rainwater storage to lower their environmental impact. By staying at one of these lodgings, visitors can reduce their environmental impact and encourage other businesses to adopt the same measures.

As one of the largest hotel chains in the world, the Marriot once produced a significant amount of waste. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, they recently adopted a novel approach to waste. The Marriot now uses biodegradable key cards that are designed out of a corn by-product. These green key cards are completely recyclable and help reduce the waste that comes from hotels. At the Marriot hotel chain, a 100 room hotel throws away roughly 10,0000 key cards every year. In weight, this equals out to 50 pounds annually. With the new policy in place, the Marriot is expected to reduce waste being thrown into landfills by 66 tons each year.

Many other hotels are going green, however one sticks out among the rest. Known for its luxurious and decadent design, the Palazzo Hotel & Resort was actually named the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America”. They work to create sustainability by using a water recycling system. Wastewater is used for irrigation and outdoor cleaning. In addition, the Palazzo installed solar panels on the rooftop to harvest renewable energy. This noteworthy hotel even created a program where it reuses its own waste to prevent landfills from being overflowing with garbage. Many new green Las Vegas hotels are taking note and mimicking the Palazzo’s blueprint.

In addition to these facilities, many programs and initiatives exist throughout the world. Designed around five principles of sustainability, Eco-Innovation Europe is one of the latest organizations that have committed to eco-friendly causes. This initiative works to link research and the general marketplace to produce innovative products. These services and techniques are then used to lower the environmental impact of business and achieve environmental objectives. Each new technique or product is supposed to help lower carbon dioxide emissions and manage resources efficiently. Through the help of this initiative, businesses around the world are able to promote recycling and sustainability. Eco-Innovation Europe operates under the five principles of sustainable building, recycling, greener businesses, water management and sustainable food industries.

We each have the choice to live more sustainability. After the developments of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has placed the planet under the strain of carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. In recent years, we have developed new building methods that can reduce our impact on the earth. Through developing greener business techniques and staying at eco-friendly accommodation, each person can support the cause of sustainability.


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