Elimination Diet, Day 4

Detox and Exercise
Oil Pulled
2 capsules Redmond Clay
One cup Yogi Detox Tea
Went for a short walk around town

My elbows were really dry and red this morning. The rest of my arms were okay, though. And my legs seemed tame, but still in need of healing. I put coconut oil on a few sensitive, but unaffected areas of skin overnight. No reaction this morning, so it wasn’t that that caused my rash last night. My arms itched a lot throughout the day. I’m ready for this to be healed.

Energy and stomach feeling great.

Breakfast: Leftover quinoa and apples – Tastes just as good, if not better, the next day
Lunch: Mung Beans and Rice (with spinach added), baby carrots – An amazing comfort food! It’s cold and overcast here. Just what I needed.
Dinner: Sunflower Seed Burgers (Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, page 263), sweet potato oven fries, fermented vegetables, and green beans
Snacks: Apricot, spinach chips

Today was a pretty easy day since I had bought sprouted mung beans and used rice cooked yesterday. We cooked the mung beans and rice on the stove, so it only took 30 minutes after the 5 minutes we cooked the mung beans. However, while making this meal I realized the sunflower seed burgers called for rice and I didn’t have enough made up. Luckily we had enough in the house. I made some up while cooking lunch, no time lost. But lesson learned: read the recipe the day before. Little preparation needed for tomorrow. We are making cauliflower fritters for breakfast, so we could prepare the cauliflower if we wanted, but we didn’t. I made a smoothie to drink tomorrow. But it is going to be leftover day besides that. After all, look at all the food we have from making those huge batches for one or two:

Everything in baggies goes in the freezer, but we need to eat up the tupperware food soon.

Everything in baggies goes in the freezer, but we need to eat up the tupperware food soon.

And that’s just two days of leftovers! And not even all of it, I don’t think. It makes me feel good that in two days I have been able to produce this much food. For one, I’ve never really cooked before. But I made all of this! For another, I now don’t have the “I can’t eat anything” feeling when I look in the fridge. I have all of these options ready to go.


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