Elimination Diet, Day 3 (Phase 1)

Today I enter Phase 1 and I enjoyed the heck out of my breakfast.

Detox and Exercise
Oil pulled
2 capsules Redmond Clay
Yoga for Digestion

Woke up exhausted and had got winded and light headed just going upstairs. That could easily be due to getting woken up by the dogs at 5am. Add in little exercise or food the past two days. I certainly felt better as the day went on.

My intestines were kinda crampy right before lunch, about 4 hours after breakfast. Was quite temporary, though. My stomach also talked a bit after my snack. I’m sure that’s just my body dealing with what I did to it the past two days.

My eczema felt awful on my legs and elbows in the morning. My elbows were bright red after my shower. In the evening it was all over my arms where it hadn’t been for days. I tried putting coconut oil on the bad spots, but that didn’t help. Maybe it hurt, or maybe this is my body’s way of detoxing. Either way, I really want it to go away.

Breakfast: Finished yesterday’s peach smoothie; Quinoa with Cinnamon Apple Topping – I was very happy that I made the quinoa and cut the apples last night. It really helped save time. You could even prepare the entire topping the night before if you want. And it was delicious!
Lunch: Gingered Carrot Soup (Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, page 163); spinach salad with fermented vegetables and olive oil
Dinner: Lentil and Kale Dal – I added frozen peas with the kale. We also added extra seasoning. It was so flavorful and wonderful. A meal I will make in the future even after this diet.
Snacks: Spinach Chips, peach, sunflower seeds

I started soaking rice and lentils first thing in the morning. They both require about 8 hours of soaking, so this guaranteed that they would be ready for dinner. I soaked about a pound of each and cooked it all up. For the rice, I took what I needed for dinner and lunch tomorrow, put it in the fridge, and froze the rest. I used all of the lentils in the dal. Since we had only large pot, I cooked the rice in the afternoon, stored and froze it, then cooked the lentils when it was time to start dinner.


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