Adorable conversations I have with my fiance

Will and I have always had a strong, healthy relationship and great communication. Those are the things that help me know we’ll be together forever. But it’s the immense adorableness of the two of us have, even after 4 years, that helps me know we’re going to be happy forever.

For some background knowledge, Will is trying to buy a house for us to live in when we get married. He also is trying to fix up his motorcycle or find a new one that we will be able to travel on together. One of his dreams is to travel around the world, or at least the country, on a motorcycle. We are currently long distance and don’t see each other very much at all.

Will: I want to travel with you or own a home with you or something.
Me: And cuddle all the time in the process. All of the cuddles will be ours.
Will: That is why I want to travel by motorcycle! It is a cuddle mobile.

Your regularly scheduled program will resume on Monday. I just wanted to share. Most people think motorcycles are pretty BA and rebellious. Nope, apparently they are “cuddle mobiles.”

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