Homemade Lotion

For some reason, the air/water at my college freaks my skin out, and it has gotten worse every year. I seriously think I will just lose all the skin on my arms next year. This year, I bought a lotion that my skin did not like and I got the worst eczema rash on my arms. I’ve been trying to heal it with Jergens lotion, raw shea butter, and occasionally Neosporin for a week and it is finally getting better. Then this morning my mom saw a show talking about what ingredients should not be in your lotions (such as PEG-[number], petrolatum, or of course “fragrance”). That was it. We decided it was time to make our own body lotion out of our shea butter. As it turns out, this is beyond easy.

In addition to shea butter, we also had a large quantity of grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is great for skin and hair and since it absorbs readily into the skin, the lotion should not be too oily. We didn’t find any recipes that only used these two ingredients, but we went ahead with our experiment and ended of creating a really great lotion.

Homemade Lotion
1/2 c raw shea butter
2 tbsp grapeseed oil

Mash the two ingredients together to start mixing them. Mix on high with an electric mixer until they are thoroughly combined. If desired, add 10-20 essential oils for scent and mix. That’s it! The lotion should have the consistency and texture of a normal cream. This lotion feels amazing and can be used on the face as well.

When I first put the lotion on, my skin does feel greasy for a bit. However, once it is given a chance to soak in, my skin feels nothing but incredibly soft. Lovely. It isn’t the perfect consistency for easily rubbing into the whole body (as opposed to store bought lotion), but it still works very well.

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