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Redmond Trading Company has come up a few times in my posts. I recommended their clay for face masks and homemade toothpaste, as well as recommending Earthpaste if you would prefer to buy their toothpaste. Well, I’m back to tell you how awesome this company’s products truly are. I won’t be talking about Earthpaste, though. You can read about that mostly here and a little here.

Right off the bat, one great thing about Redmond Trading Company is that it is domestic. It is based in Utah and all of its products come out of the Utah ground. No outsourcing labor, no foreign products, just good ol’ American goodness (/innate, uncontrollable patriotism). They have amazing customer service and are more than happy to provide you with any information you may request (such as a detailed table of the names and quantities of all the minerals in the clay and salt). Another great thing is that all of its products are natural and healthy. And the greatest thing is that these products work!

Redmond Clay
Redmond Clay is a bentonite clay, both sodium and calcium bentonite, that is believed to have come from volcanic ash that fell into a prehistoric sea. It contains over 60 trace minerals and over many years has been shown to be safe and helpful to its users. Redmond clay can be used for healing both externally in and internally. You can hydrate the standard clay by adding one part water and one part clay to a jar and shaking. Add one more part water and shake again. Let sit overnight for it to be fully hydrated. Kept in an airtight container, this clay will last as long as you need it. This hydrated clay may be applied to basically any skin affliction: cuts, bruises, bites, stings, acne, burns, rashes, even aching joints. There are so many wonderful testimonies out there about the effectiveness of this clay! If you would like, you can wrap the clay in a cheese cloth for a cleaner application. The entire area may be wrapped in a cheese cloth or plastic wrap if you would like to leave the clay on overnight. The clay may also be used in full-body or foot baths and as baby powder (the baby power they sell is the same as the standard jar of clay). The clay is sold in pre-hydrated form under two names, Facial Mud and First Aid.

To use internally, you may take the capsules that they sell (there are three names but, like the hydrated clay, these are all the same; they are named differently to help people find what they need), or prepare a mixture of clay and water to drink. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of clay with a glass of water, and either drink it straight or wait for the clay to settle to the bottom. You can also prepare it in large amount at a time and just drink the clear water “off the top.” Believe it or not, this clay is great for pretty much any stomach/intestinal issue, as well as acid reflux, detoxification, and as a mineral supplement. My college doesn’t always serve high quality food, and I find that just two clay capsules with water clear up any stomach uneasiness I have at the end of the day. This truly is “The Healing Clay,” but I know I didn’t fully believe that until I tried it, so why don’t you try it yourself!

Real Salt
Real Salt also comes from the ground in Utah. It is mined from an ancient sea, so it is sea salt, but without the transportation from far away or the toxins that are in many of our existing seas. This salt also contains more than 60 trace minerals and no additives such as those found in refined salt. There is some silica, but this is just another one of the good things in the salt, so don’t worry if you find sand in your salt! While the salt does contain iodine, it does not contain enough to satisfy the FDA. A better place to get more iodine is from natural sources, such as kelp, yogurt, eggs, strawberries, and mozzarella cheese (this is especially important if hypothyroidism runs in your family, as it does in mine).

Now, I know there is a lot of worry about eating too much salt and causing high blood pressure and this is completely valid. Manufacturers put way more salt that we need in a lot of our foods, and this salt usually isn’t “good” salt. But sodium is essential to life, as anyone who has studied the nervous system can tell you. So get that sodium in a healthy way. Reduce your consumption of processed foods and focus more on natural, homemade foods using ingredients without unnecessary added sodium. Then you can add this salt for flavor. When I was 17, I stopped putting salt on my food and have grown to really dislike the taste of salt. But I thought Real Salt tasted good!

Real Salt also offers delicious seasoning salts and Re-Lyte, which I have never used but is supposed to help replace electrolytes and reduce cramping while exercising. They also sell tubs of detoxifying bath salts, which help release toxins from the body and absorb minerals through the skin (I feel good just thinking about it!). It is sold as both Bath Salt and Bath Salt Plus, with no additives. The Bath Salt comes from a much more mineral-rich area, where the salt is great for detox and absorption but too hard to eat. The Bath Salt Plus is the same salt with a bit of the Redmond Clay. Just add 1-2 cups to your bath water and relax….

So there was a lot of information about Redmond Trading Company and their many products, both for healing and pampering. I tried to keep it brief, but I didn’t do great at that and there is still more information and raving I could have given out! If you have any questions about their products and their use, don’t hesitate to ask me or contact the company itself. Not only do I truly love this company’s products, but I really appreciate what they stand for as a company and how much they try to help and connect with their customers.

Disclaimer: I received many of the products I’m reviewing as part of a sample given away from the Earthpaste Facebook page. Much of the information I am relaying comes from brochures included in that sample pack. I have not been asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. If you are interested in receiving free samples of your own, you can contact the company or participate in contests on the Redmond Clay, Real Salt, or Earthpaste Facebook pages.

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