Finishing Up

Now that you’ve washed, spun, and dyed your wool. You have to put it to use. You can sell it, donate it, gift it, or make something out of it. Even if you don’t like your first yarn, make something up to show what you’ve accomplished! I made up a vertical garter stitch scarf. I probably should have stuck with a swatch, because it would be about as useful as this, but, hey, I made that yarn.

Yeah…it’s pretty bad. The hat from my 2nd yarn turned out better.

If you aren’t ready to make something yet, you can roll it into a ball or leave it in a skein. Store it as you would any other nice yarn (because since you made it, it’s automatically yarn worth taking care of). Anything made from your homespun yarn can be hand washed as you would wash anything else made from that fiber.

Even if I could only teach you so much about taking fleece and turning it into yarn, I hope to have helped. Just remember to keep practicing and you will get better! If you are having trouble, you can cry if you want, but don’t suffer alone. Talk to me or the lovely spinners on Ravelry (look for some of the spinning and fiber prep groups).

If you’re wondering what came of the first fleece I washed, well, it was my 4th and 5th bobbin, my first plying, and my second dye job.

Not bad considering there were a lot of lumps in the rolags and what my last yarn looked like



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1 Response to Finishing Up

  1. Verónica says:

    Like those blues. Your first handspun is always special and should be kept for posterity.

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