Prepping Fleece

Of the ways to prepare fleece once it’s been washed, I’m going to focus on hand carding. This is a lot of work and takes a lot of physical effort. If you can afford a drum carder, that is a good way to go. But I could barely afford hand carders and I had trouble finding instructions for exactly how to get the results I wanted. I used Howard 6″ 72 tpi

First, “charge”one of your carders by covering it with fleece.

You’ll soon get a feel for the right amount

Then place the other carder over this one and gently brush. If you press too hard, the teeth will mesh and it won’t work. Continue to brush the fleece until it’s evenly distributed. Then, the step that alluded me for too long, you will transfer it back onto one card. Put the front end of one card at the handle end of the other, then move the first card up the second.

Halfway through transferring

This will pull the fleece onto one card:

A lot fluffier now!

I repeat this process a few times before the fleece is the consistency I want. At this point, roll the fleece in towards to handle to create a rolag.

Beginnings of a rolag

Now you have your first rolag! Continue doing this until you’ve carded all the fleece you desire. You’ll soon see why drum carders can be useful! However, rolags are a lot easier to draft and pre-draft than batts.

This pile of rolags is only from a fraction of the fleece I washed

From here, I like to pre-draft my fiber very, very thin. This makes drafting during spinning much easier. It also allows me to pick chunks out that won’t spin well and that didn’t come out in any of the earlier prepping. I don’t do this until right before I spin the rolag.

A section of pre-drafted wool

Now you can get ready to spin some yarn! However, I’ll be discussing that using different, pre-prepared fleece.


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