This will be a short post because there’s only so much information I can give. What your options are is totally dependent on where you live. However, I feel obligated to say that if you want to reduce your waste, a great way to do so is by donating or selling the items you no longer need.

I’m all about donating because it’s easy and for a good cause. Frequently I just donate to Goodwill. It’s a really great company and I’m happy to support them with both donations and buying from them (their books are cheap and they have a lot of nice dishes, even if it’s not a 16-piece set). I usually sell my books to Half Priced Books, since I tend to spend a lot of money there. If they don’t want your books, they will donate them for you.

Don’t have one of these stores in your area or want to help out more directly? Donate books to your local library, school, or shelter. Donate extra school supplies (I don’t need to explain the number of markers that builds up during elementary school!) to schools or clubs for children. Donate clothes, hygiene supplies (since my transition I have found 7 bottles of hair stuff and 3 sticks of unused deodorant around my house), and other items to homeless or women’s shelters. There will always be someone in need of the stuff you don’t want.

I don’t do garage sales because I find them to be way too much work. If I choose not to donate something, I’m usually happy with the money I get from selling it too a local used shop. But if garage sales are you thing, go for it!

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