Phase Ten: Deodorant

Last week I made the deodorant from My Healthy Green Family. I made her updated recipe without kaolin clay and I replaced the cocoa butter with shea butter, because that’s what I had. I was a little worried because shea butter is softer at room temperature, but I added a little extra bees wax (heaping tablespoons instead of normal ones) and once it was completely cooled it was hard enough. I used tea tree oil for scent because of its anti-microbial properties, it smells good, and it’s what I had.

It can be helpful to have a partner while making this so measuring and stirring and not loosing spoons can all happen at the same time. To clean up, I put the pan upside down on a pan covered in tin foil in the oven at 250 until everything melted off. For everything else, I hand washed with Dawn. I even needed the Dawn on my hands because our hand soap didn’t get all the oils off.

A batch was too big for my deodorant container, so I poured the extra into something else to melt at a later date when I have more room in my container.

Before I discuss this deodorant, I want to mention that I have struggled to find a deodorant that works my whole life (well, since I was 10). I frequently have wetness and before the end of the day, I smell. Badly, in my opinion (although I’ve been told it doesn’t bother other people). No deodorant has prevented the smell, which gets on my shirts and doesn’t wash out. Just a few wears when it’s hot or I’m moving around a lot can ruin a shirt. So if this works for me, it will be a miracle.

I wanted to use this for a week to make sure it really worked in various situations and not just because I had residue from my other deodorant (although I’m not too worried about that). It let me test on hot summer days, during karate, and the ultimate test: a day at the state fair.

Upon initial application, the deodorant felt good. Just the right amount was applied. My armpits felt a bit greasy when I touched them (keep in mind I used shea butter), but it soaked in within a few hours. I applied it at night, and even the next night after a long day, I smelled fine. I noticed a small bit a wetness while wearing a tight t-shirt, but not enough to be a bother. When I went to karate after applying the deodorant 9 hours earlier, there was almost no scent after. Now that’s impressive!

On Friday, I applied the deodorant in the morning and put on a shirt that was tight in the armpits. I did notice some wetness, which bothered me, but it was no more than normal. And with this wetness, there was no smell. The deodorant is great at its job! It did leave a residue on the shirt, but this washed out in the laundry.

During an entire day at the State Fair, there was wetness, which was unfortunate, but not a big deal. After all, it was hot and I was sweating. There was a slight smell, but not really. Certainly not compared to if I had store bought deodorant on.

In the end, this is the best deodorant I have ever used, and I’ve tried a lot. It is cheap and made from natural, healthy products. Most importantly, it works at eliminating body odor, even after a day at the State Fair. It is definitely worth making.

Update 12/28/12:
So I’ve been using this deodorant for over 4 months. I haven’t used up all the deodorant yet, but I’m almost out so I made my second batch today. I still love this deodorant! It is by far still the best I have ever used at preventing body odor and protecting my shirts. It isn’t an antiperspirant, but the sweat isn’t smelly and disastrous to my shirts, so it’s okay.


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3 Responses to Phase Ten: Deodorant

  1. Isn’t it crazy how well natural deodorants work?! If you run out of ingredients or get super lazy like me, I use a really simple recipe:

    Love the posts. Going to sign up for e-mail updates right now…

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