Phase Four: Dishwasher Detergent

As I continued to search the internet for tips on living healthy, eco-friendly lives, I came across this blog. While many of the posts don’t apply to me because I don’t have kids, a large plot of land, or storage space, I find it inspiring and it has many good recipes. The only one I’ve tried so far is for dishwasher detergent.

This was very easy to make. Baking soda and coarse salt are easy to find, just make sure the salt does not have iodine. I found citric acid at my local co-op, but it is also available from various places online, including Amazon (I prefer supporting small, local businesses, but at this point in my life, Amazon is so awesome), for cheaper. As far as storage, we currently keep it in an old marinara sauce jar with “coffee scoop” (1 tbsp) we found at the grocery store, but a mason jar or something similar would be preferable to prevent clumping.

We’ve been using vinegar in the rinse aid for awhile, and that helps with our hard water stains. Then we started using the detergent and our dishes were noticeably cleaner than normal. I’m definitely never going back to normal detergent! My family removes the majority of food from the plates, but there is often still a layer that this detergent gets off with no problem. It even passed the ultimate test: getting a thick layer of cheese off a pot I made homemade mac and cheese in. Yay!


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